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Leave Management in Okeechobee and Jacksonville, FL

Manage, Track, and Report Leaves and Absences of your Employees

Marcum & Associates provides leave management to businesses in Okeechobee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Gainesville, West Palm Beach, Labelle, and surrounding areas.

Leave Management

Employers must monitor their employees’ absences. Leave management services will help track, report, and reduce expenses that arise due to employee absences. Everything from sick leave and vacation, to paid time off and military leave may be covered under a leave management policy.

At Marcum & Associates, we provide a number leave management services:

  • Tracking and reporting of leaves
  • Managing employee absences
  • Managing vacation
  • Managing sick leave
  • Paid time off
  • And much more … 

As an employer, the right leave management services policy will help keep your employees happy and your company running smoothly. Contact a representative at Marcum & Associates today to go over your options.